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The Pagans United Mission:

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Care Packages For Troops: New Contacts and Wish Lists!

23 Oct 07
Subject: Pagan Troop Supplies
Contact: Laura M. Roberts, President, Pagans United

Pagans United will be sponsoring the following Pagan Groups in Afghanistan and Iraq until further notice. I will be keeping all you apprised of what is needed and when. For now this is a basic list....many of these groups have nothing and no way to get them. So please, even if tis just a card or letter send what you can.

I will be in contact with the following contact people personally to find out what items they really need. Remember with the colder weather and holidays, items like cider, flavored coffees and such are appreciated. Other non pagan items always appreciated. Big item...FOOT POWDER...make sure tis the kind with Styric Acid in the ingredients otherwise they just get goop in the boot. LOL. Snacks, toiletries, soups, teas, magazines, books are all highly appreciated items.

Blessed Be,
Laura & Keith Roberts, Pagans United

Contact: Marcus Rice
HHC 2-69 AR (S-6)
FOB Rustamivah
APO AE 09390

*****Also, various stones and books on stones and stone magick. Need candles in all of the element colors.

Contact: Shawn Lunsford
APO AE 09351

(All supplies for a beginning group)

Afghanistan Contact
Contact: Christina Wittenberg
23rd CHEM BN
APO AE 09314

(New Group needs all supplies and help - currently 7 people)

Afghanistan Contact
Contact David Horton
HHC 82nd CAB
Bagram Air Field
APO AE 09354

(All Supplies)

Contact: TSgt Vincent, Richard
Kirkush Military Training Base
APO AE 09324

This is a new group and they are in need of candles 4" for personal use and larger for main ritual use; all colors) and incense (cone and stick for personal, resin for ritual)

SGT Keith Roberts
Unit 42-167
Camp Victory Iraq
AE 09342

Frederick Twombly
HHC, 3rd Sig Bde
APO, AE 09342

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