Welcome to the front lines! You won't find spells here. You won't find Wicca or Witchcraft 101. You likely won't even find a group of Pagans that agree on any of those. What you will find is discussion, debate and commentary on issues big and small from members of the community that believe seeing all sides and taking a stance isn't a right but a responsibility. Come in and sit a spell. Or better yet, come in and add YOUR voice to our efforts. You won't regret it.

The Pagans United Mission:

The mission of Pagans United is to help Pagan Americans engage in both the social and political arenas. We do this by creating a sense of unity within the diverse Pagan community, through public outreach, education, and activism while acting as stewards of Mother Earth at all times.

Friday, October 26, 2007

A Few Words from the Founder

I began this group three years ago simply because I was tired of watching my Pagan Brothers and Sisters constantly being discriminated against simply because of their religious preferences. I was completely fed up with the way the Media portrayed us...all negative, of course. For the longest time I sat and complained, however, seeing that it was getting me absolutely no where I chose to make a stand. A very public stand. Yes, when I decide on action I usually jump in with both feet and hit the ground running. So here we are today.

I've always been a firm believer in the old adage "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" and that it only takes one person to get the ball rolling and make a difference. I decided to be that squeaky wheel and luckily I was fortunate enough to find a handful of others that wished to aid me in this endeavor. Many are still with me today 3 years later.

It is vital that we stand together as one in the Pagan Community, putting aside our differences, and take a stand against those that wish to take away our rights to worship freely. A right, I might add, that this nation was founded on. It's important to do what we can to educate the public and the media with the facts regarding our Paths. No one in this day and age of supposed enlightenment should be fearful to admit their religion or hide away all that resonates in their very souls. I have been on this path for a very very long time and one thing I can tell you is that there are many paths up the mountain...no one path is more important or correct than the other....simply different.

Another issue that pulls at me strongly is our stewardship of Mother Earth. As my husband is so fond of saying, it is vital for us as Pagan Americans to "walk our talk" and take our stewardship of Mother Earth seriously. Our natural resources are dwindling faster than we ever imagined. Many of our animals are on the verge of extinction, there are drastic changes in our weather patterns due to global warming that are creating havoc everywhere. The list goes on and on. We are at a point that we must do something and do it fast before there is no turning back.

The point is that there is something each and everyone of us can do. For those of you fearful of "coming out of the broom closet", you don't have to. There are many things you can do in your everyday lives. (i.e. recycling, volunteering at an animal shelter, etc.) You can write letters whatever...but the point is do something. There are those like me who don't mind being out front so it all balances out. My advise to you is "just do it".

So here I am today, 3 years later. I remember being dissuaded by many in the beginning with people telling me "herding Pagans is like herding cats", "That one person couldn't make a difference", "that you are endangering other Pagans by asking them to be as public as you are." The reasons why I shouldn't do this were numerous. However, that only served to make me more determined then ever. Looking back, there were bad times, but none of that could ever outshine the good times and the things we have been able to accomplish.

Many have come and many have gone...many are still standing with me today. We've become not only a group working for change, but a family. We are closely bonded by our cause and belief;, bonds that will last us a lifetime. We share each others joys, sorrows, and there is always a shoulder to lean on when its needed. We are all family and as family tis time to put aside the differences between us and work together and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world we share. I hope you'll join us. I can promise you rewards and personal satisfaction beyond your wildest dreams.

Blessed Be,


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