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The Pagans United Mission:

The mission of Pagans United is to help Pagan Americans engage in both the social and political arenas. We do this by creating a sense of unity within the diverse Pagan community, through public outreach, education, and activism while acting as stewards of Mother Earth at all times.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Pagans United Official Statement

From: Pagans United
Subject: "South Carolina Witch Hunts" (Rhonda/Steve Grouper) Date: October 26, 2007
Contact: Laura Robert (laura@pagansunited.com)

While Pagans United works diligently to protect the rights and good standing of Pagan Americans, at this time we do not feel that any efforts on our behalf are warranted in the case of Rhonda and Steve Grouper in Little River, South Carolina. We base this decision on the evidence and information that Pagans United has received from multiple sources. We have evaluated and investigated all evidence and believe that this case is not one of religious discrimination, but is based on actual concerns raised by officials involved in the case.

Should we receive further evidence, we will continue to investigate. At this time, however, we stand by our previous decision to not become involved and encourage the Pagan community to research and investigate prior to claiming discrimination in any and all cases. To call discrimination where none exists does nothing for bringing the Pagan family of faiths into the mainstreams. Indeed, it sets us all back in that mission and makes the work of everyone infinitely harder.

It should further be noted that there is a vast difference between discrimination and ignorance. When met with the latter, education is always the best response and should always be the first line of defense. Educational materials can be found on the Pagans United website or by contacting a Pagans United Board Member and are free for distribution to the Pagan community and general public.

Pagans United members will continue to investigate all claims sent their way by community members. However, it must be noted that Pagans United stands firm in our belief that our good name and reliable reputation not be associated with any case in which we cannot say with absolutely certainty that we feel discrimination has occurred.



walterfive said...

WHAT??? That's absolutely preposterous. I've seen the documents in question, and spoken to the Grubers myself on several occasions. A more clear-cut case of religious discrimination I've rarely ever seen.

And you know what? You people can't even SPELL the Gruber's name right. You can't be trusted not to make what we used to call in the newspaper business "a major error in fact." Errors like this completely undermine your credibility.

Furthermore, I'm absolutely appalled that anyone claiming to
represent the community in this manner would issue such a blanket
statement without stating *why* they came to such a conclusion.
You people are NOT doing ANYONE in our a community a favor by saying such things about the Gruber case. "Good name and reliable reputation" my eye!

A rather angry Walter Five

Carolynn said...

Laura, your words as a founder Pagans United were, "It is vital that we stand together as one in the Pagan Community, putting aside our differences, and take a stand against those that wish to take away our rights to worship freely."

Even if there is a factual basis for the allegations against the Grubers, the very fact (and yes it is a fact as the court documents are availible) that their religion was even brought in makes this a religious descrimination. It really doesn't matter if they are innocent of the charges or not...their RELIGION should never have been mentioned or considered by the Police Department or the Courts.
I certainly hope you will rethink and reconsider your position on this.